Novak Djokovic is truly a huge star in the tennis world, and every fan knows how good he is with a racquet. His precision and power play is everything to admire, and the Serbian has been at the top of his game for many years, earning him a place at the top of the table as the current best Men’s player.

The world number 1 doesn’t take long before he starts winning titles, but this year hasn’t been as good for him. He could not defend his title in Australia after being deported because of the Covid-19 vaccine issue. Also, he missed the competition in Miami because of his vaccination status.

However, he came back to Rome, and it was like he was never out. Djokovic swept the event, earning him his first title of the year. In 1hour and 37 minutes, he defeated Stefanos Tsitsipas to extend his ATP Masters 1000 records to 38. And he became the 5th Men’s tennis player to win 1,000 matches. 

Fortunately, Djokovic is also clear to take part in the French Open, and undoubtedly, it makes the event even more exciting. Therefore, will we see Djokovic win his 3rd French Open title? Keep reading to find out what we think so you can get ready to bet against the French Open Odds

Will Novak Djokovic Win his 3rd Title? | French Open Betting

Djokovic French Open Records

Novak Djokovic might be king in Australia, but he struggles in France. He currently has nine Aussie Open titles. However, in France, he only has two. One in 2016 and the other in 2021. Overall he has 20 Grand Slam titles, and there is a chance that he could increase the tally if he successfully defends his title this year.

Last year he had an incredible run throughout the knockout stages until the final, which was pretty end-to-end as Tsitsipas put up a good fight. The match started with Tsitsipas taking the first and second sets. It felt like he might do it, but Djokovic was too good in the third set and thus began his ultimate comeback. The match ended with Djokovic winning 3-2. 

Current Form

The world number 1 hasn’t played many games this year. Therefore, there isn’t much about his form. However, we saw a typical Djokovic at the Italian Open, where he was able to blaze through different opposition. Fortunately for him, Rafael Nadal didn’t make it past the round of 16, giving the Serbian a good chance. 

His form going into the French Open is good, and we expect to see more fire from the world no. 1 because he hasn’t been very lucky in Paris. This might be his time to win the even back-to-back and tie with Nadal in terms of the most Grand Slams titles. In that case, we look forward to what he brings to the competition. 

Primary Competitors

Rafael Nadal struggling with form in 2021 gave Djokovic a good chance to win the competition in 2021, and he took it well. However, with Nadal firing again this season, winning his third French Open title will be tricky because everyone knows that Nadal is the king of Clay. Therefore, we would love to see how he fares against the Spaniard.

Aside from Nadal, the competition is fierce this year, with other players also looking forward to sealing their names on the top list of the tennis world. In this event, other major competitors to Djokovic would be Carlos Alcaraz, Tsitsipas, Alexander Zverev, and Casper Ruud. 

Therefore, the Serbian would need to find a way to go past any of them if they meet in the competition if he wants a chance to win his 21st Grand Slam title. 

Our Thoughts

Going into a Grand Slam undoubtedly requires a lot of practice and preparation. Other players would also be gearing up to take a shot at the title. Therefore, the Roland Garros will not be easy for any of them, including Djokovic. But we think there is a good chance for the Serbian to win his 3rd French Open title if Nadal doesn’t make it to the final. 



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