When you’re trying out for cheerleading, it’s important to know how you should look, act, and perform. These tips will prepare you for your cheerleading audition from the night before to the very end of tryouts.

The night before your tryout, make sure you get in plenty of restful sleep. Staying up late can break your concentration. Make sure you’re eating a well-rounded diet with plenty of protein, fruits, and vegetables. Avoid dieting to lose weight, as you’ll quickly become lethargic. The day of your tryout it’s important to look your best. Wear your hair in a pony tail or pinned securely in a bun. If your hair is too short for this, slick it back with a secure elastic headband that won’t fall off during your routine. Remember that hair ribbons and headbands with your school colors show school spirit!

Also, wear clothes that fit you well and are easy to move in. Avoid baggy pants and oversized tee shirts as they move around too much and can obstruct the judges’ view of your motions. Practice shorts and a fitted t-shirt are good choices. As listed in our previous article, Soffe shorts are great for tryouts because they come in a variety colors. If you really want to look the part, Chasse makes cute lycra cheer skirts that come with built in shorts-perfect for stunting, jumping, and kicking. Remember to wear light weight tennis shoes that offer support. Some good basic cheer shoes to have in your arsenal of practice gear are Nike’s Sideline Cheer, and for those on a budget, Chasse Rocket’s are the perfect fit. Also keep in mind that this is not the time to be thinking about being over-the-top stylish or piling on the glamour. Stay away from jewelry, glitter, excess makeup, and long fingernails.

Before the tryout beings, prevent injuries by making sure you warm up thoroughly. Even if you’re feeling nervous and stressed out, put on a positive, self-confident attitude before you walk through the door. Remember that cheerleading is a team sport, and tell each girl good luck. Avoid a catty or competitive attitude. Be enthusiastic and smile, but remember to keep it real and natural. A fake smile and overacting is easily detected by everyone. As you’re trying out, make sure you speak with a loud, clear voice and say each word clearly – pronounce each T and R, and don’t slur. Use plenty of vigor and expression- nobody wants to listen to a robot! If you’re asked to do something you aren’t sure about, feel free to ask the judges for clarification. If you happen to make a mistake, keep on smiling and performing as though nothing had happened. By continuing your routine, often the judges won’t even pick up on what happened. If you happen to flub a certain movement, ask for a retry-not all judges will allow this, but it never hurts to ask. Once you’ve finished, make sure you thank the judges and coach, and then leave with a smile on your face.

While nothing can guarantee you a spot on the cheer squad other than the judges and coach, these tips should help you out. No matter what the result, remember you did your best and be proud of your efforts!

Stay tuned for our next article on making sure you accomplish your cheer goals by learning how to choose a cheerleading squad and coach that is a perfect fit for you.

Source by JP Sheridan