You can’t believe the moves your favorite NFL team’s Owner and Head Coach make! You know that you are infinitely wiser, but do not exactly have 500 million dollars to bye an NFL Franchise. Why not manage your very own Fantasy Football team? You can play for FREE, and embarrass your know-it-all friends. Have a seat; class begins in the “Fantasy Football For Beginners” course. Lesson 1 – The Basics.

You have watched the NFL for years, you know the teams, the athletes and the workings of an NFL team. A Billionaire byes a franchise, and picks a Head Coach and General Manager. They pick the coaching staff, draft some players, and start practice. When the regular season begins, the Head Coach and coaching staff manage the athletes on their team to attempt to win each week. When the playoffs roll around, if they were lucky, and did their job well, they will be playing for the Lombardi Trophy and some fat bonus checks.

Fantasy Football operates almost exactly the same way, except that you are the Owner, Head Coach, General Manager, Offensive and Defensive Coordinator all in one! That’s right, the final decision is yours. You participate in a Fantasy Football Draft, choose your players from all players and teams currently in the NFL, set a line-up every week, use trades and the waiver wire to manipulate your team, and shoot for the playoffs. Once there, it is anybody’s game. And yes, in some cases, you even get paid for your efforts.

Honestly, if you have a basic knowledge of how an NFL game is played, and how the scoring works, you are just as likely to win in Fantasy Football week in and week out as a seasoned veteran if you follow the steps in this Fantasy Football For Beginners article series. After this series, I highly recommend you read my Draft Day Do’s and Dont’s series, and wrap it all up with my Fantasy Football Sleeper series. You will be better educated than 90 per-cent of your competitors, and well on your way to your League Championship.

If you would like to enter a FREE league and get the hang of things without spending any money, simply type “Free Fantasy Football” in your browser and pick from one of literally dozens of choices. There are also leagues where you “buy” a franchise to manage, which offer cash prizes at the end of the season. Whichever way you go, make sure you know how your league’s scoring system works. If you want the system which most closely resembles the NFL, then choose a league with a “basic scoring” system, and a single season league, not a keeper league. If you are Defensive minded, there are leagues that cater to that aspect also.

Now all you need to do is study, prepare, draft, and manage. Next up is “Fantasy Football For Beginners – Lesson 2 – Preparation.”

Source by Patrick ONeill