The Driver’s Championship is the most sought-after title in all of Formula One, if not in all of the motorsports. Last year Max Verstappen won his first Driver’s Championship, while Fernando Alonso has won two. Besides those two the only other drivers in the current field with driver’s championships are Sebastian Vettel (four) and, obviously, Lewis Hamilton who has a record-tying seven Championships.

It already appears likely that Lewis will not be breaking the record with an eighth championship this year, so who will the title belong to? Will it be current leader Charles Leclerc of Ferrari? Or will Verstappen win back-to-back titles this year?

Ready to find out who is in the running for the 2022 driver’s championship and the best Formula 1 Championship Odds after four rounds of the season have passed.

F1 Drivers Championship Odds After Round 4 | Motor Sports Betting

Charles Leclerc, +101 to win Driver’s Championship

Leclerc is Ferrari’s newest prodigy, and the Italian race team’s investment is finally starting to pay off in a major way. Leclerc currently leads the Drivers Championship standings with two wins and three podiums in his first four races. The Monegasque placed 1st, 2nd, 1st, and 6th in the races this season, in that order.

Ferrari very clearly has one of the top two cars in the field this season, the other being Red Bull. Leclerc has been technical and efficient so far this season and you shouldn’t expect anything different for the rest of the year.

Despite leading the driver standings by 27 points, Leclerc is the only second favorite to win the title. 

Max Verstappen, -101 to win Driver’s Championship

Max Verstappen has given Red Bull their first taste of victory in almost 10 years when he clinched the Driver’s championship in Abu Dhabi. Now he’ll have to work to do it again as he fights off Charles Leclerc, George Russell, and his own car troubles.

This year Max has only finished two of four races, but he won both. If he can manage to stay on the track for the rest of the season there should be no doubt he’s going to win the championship… but that’s a big if.

Formula One is an intense and complicated sport, and crashes are bound to happen at every race track. On top of that, teams need to make sure their cars are perfectly calibrated or else something can go wrong. Max and his team need to make sure everything is perfect so they can chase another driver’s championship as well as the Constructor’s title.

Longshot Bets

This season’s championship is pretty much guaranteed to be a two-horse race, but there’s no sense in counting out the rest of the field this early. Mercedes always improves their car throughout the year and there are plenty of skilled and experienced drivers that can make a comeback. Here are three longshot picks that could be worth a sprinkle.

Lewis Hamilton +3600: Hamilton is a seven-time world champion and easily one of, if not the best, drivers in the field. Mercedes has struggled with his car this year and their design has forced Lewis to be stuck in the midfield for most of the first four races. Maybe Mercedes can fix the car and Hamilton can make a legendary comeback. If anyone can, it’s Lewis.

George Russell +4800: George Russell is Mercedes’ newest driver after the team parted ways with Valterri Bottas at the end of last season. Russell has impressed in a less than ideal situation and holds 49 points this year, which is fourth-most in Formula One, and more importantly, is 21 points ahead of Lewis Hamilton. If Mercedes can figure their car out, Russell may have a better shot at winning it all than Hamilton does.

Sergio Perez +6000: Sergio “Checo” Perez has been a mainstay of Formula One for the past ten years, and holds the seventh most points out of all the current F1 drivers. Of those seven drivers, only Valterri Bottas and Daniel Ricciardo have not won a Driver’s Championship. This shows Checo’s impeccable abilities considering he’s been in worse cars than most of the others on that list.

Perez has 54 points this year, third-best and only five behind Max Verstappen. If something were to happen to Verstappen’s season due to injury or car issues, Checo could become Red Bull’s main focus to win the championship. Although it’s unlikely, it might be worth a shot on the third-place driver at +6000.



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