May 14, 2022

Gas Price Odds June 2022

As you know, a gallon of gas is at an all-time high as far as price is concerned. According to the national average right now is $4.45. There is plenty of blame going on in the country but none moreso that that being directed at the current President Joseph Biden.

Many are saying that the Biden regime implementing their stringent energy policies in the middle of a pandemic while doling out trillions of dollars created from thin air were the exact recipe for disaster. In this case, disaster being all-time high gas prices and the highest inflation in over forty years.

It is a fact that the 79 year old commander in chief signed an executive order his first month in office which suspended all new oil and gas leases. Whatever the exact cause, there is no doubt that the economy, as well as gas prices, are a disaster.

Price Drop Expected

There is expected to be some relief in the realm of pricing at pump in the next few weeks as demand starts to slow some. This all due to new Covid outbreaks and the subsequent massive lockdowns in China. The decreased demand should create a bit of a log jam in the pipeline and suppliers will price the oil to move it quicker. Still, there is no telling how much the price will come down and for how long it will stay there.

Gas Price Betting Odds

Online sportsbooks have set pricing odds that punters can actually bet. In this case the target date is June 30, 2022. You can pick the exact range you think the price will be and bet on it. The sportsbook offering these odds is – Get a 50% bonus now by using the link. As you can see the short money is on the pessimistic side expecting that prices will be even higher than they are now.

$4.50 or Higher (+150)

$4.25-$4.49 (+200)

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