The secret of how to play the place pick all is that the player must have a several or more years perspective. You must know 2 things very well: profit-capping (money-capping) and handicapping. This is about return on investment capping and one of the main things to digest in racing because it will give the player a future outlook and a statistical edge which is the most powerful edge in racing. This a wager is where all the races of the day’s race card are played. As such the money flows in this wager type by card size.

For practical purposes there are 8, 9 and 10 card sizes and so there are 8, 9 and 10 card size place pick all’s. Each one has a different amount of money when payouts are summed over 3-10 years when a statistical sample is taken. For each consecutive race 2 horses are picked which are the win and/or show positions. This doesn’t make the wager easy. The secret of playing the place pick all simply stated: (1) the money for this wager type flows by card size. (2) each race is handicapped by field size. (3) a 3-10 years sample of payouts for each card size is taken and summed.

Taking out the once in a blue-moon rare very large payouts and the very small easy to get payouts to keep from distorting the sum. (4) use a flat rate ticket price amount for each ticket. There’s a way to do this. (5) the win position horse is the easiest horse to get but this poses a challenge also. There are 2 categories of wager types: combination and permutation. Combination types are: pick 2 (daily double), pick 3 (triples), pick 4, pick 5, pick 6 and place pick all. Permutation types are: exacta, quinella, trifecta, superfecta and high-5. With 2 general ways to play: straight and boxed.

50% of racing deals with money and not picking horses. The other 50% deals with picking horses and not money. For the pick 4, pick 5, pick 6 and place pick all the money flows by card size. For all permutation types the money flows by field size. But in each case the player handicaps each race based on field size because a 7 field size is never to played the same as an 11 field size and so on. The player must fully profitcap and handicap before the first race on the card begins.

The first thing is that not all place pick all’s are to be played because not every race can be handicapped well. They may be too contentious and therefore must be passed. So in order to have enough place pick all’s to play the player must select 1-4 tracks to play forever. Not more than 4 tracks and learn that one or more well. It’s hard enough and time-consuming enough to learn one track well in every detail. The second thing is to select 1-4 wager types forever and learn one or more of them very well. Not more than 4. This is partially the secret of how to play the place pick all.

Source by Jessie R Johnson