Few betting sites love dishing out free play to bettors as much as BetUS — seriously, they’ve long been industry toppers in the bonus department, as mentioned in our unbiased BetUS review. That remains the case in the month of May as there’s a multitude of ways to make free money on BetUS, money that you can use on the ongoing NBA and NHL playoffs, or the upcoming Champions League final. Since you’re probably studying how to bet those games, we’ve decided to help compile the best BetUS deals available to you right now and listed them below for your convenience. Let’s jump right into:

Double The Free Play At The Sportsbook And Casino

By and large, most of the popular online sportsbooks separate their bonuses based on the platform — one in the sportsbook, another one in the casino, and sometimes a poker room deal too. But alas BetUS is not like most sites. This month, BetUS has combined its sportsbook and casino offer into a cohesive package worth a whopping $3125 in free play, available to first-time bettors as a sign-up bonus.

There are very few sites out there that’ll top $3125 in free play — it’s a true industry-leading offer. Out of that entire sum, max of $2500 goes to the sportsbook, while the remaining $625 goes to the casino. Due to the 100-percent match on sports and 25-percent in the casino, a would-be bettor would need to deposit $5000 into their new account to maximize the bonus. So when you really think about it, BetUS sign-up bonus is truly matched at 62.5 percent.

However, there is one big downside to BetUS’ bettor-friendly offer: it expires way too fast. We’re talking 14 days fast. That’s another departure from the industry norm, which is typically one month upon redemption. Two weeks isn’t all that much to burn through a bonus, especially if you are topping it out at $3125. Though, at least May is a heavy sports betting month with a number of leagues marching toward the championship. Still, we’d love for BetUS to give bettors more “breathing room” to use bonus winnings.

The last thing regarding this lucrative sign-up bonus is a promo code is needed to redeem it. The code is JOIN125 and must be used in the cashier section when depositing money. No code, no free play, so don’t forget this important detail.

Crypto Bonus Is Slightly Deceptive

These days, every major sportsbook is using crypto as a deposit and payout method. It’s just more convenient than traditional transactions, and to incentivize users to choose it, most sites offer “special”  bonuses around crypto. At first glance, it appears BetUS is doing the same, but upon a closer look, the crypto deal on the platform is deceptively off.

BetUS promotes its crypto bonus as a 200-percent match worth up to $2500 — $615 less than the non-crypto bonus. Here again, the deal is a joint offer in the sportsbook and casino. There’s a 150-percent match in sports (up to $1875) and a 50-percent match (up to $625). But if you actually do the math, you’d need to deposit $2500 to max out the bonus, which also pays $2500. Therefore, in actuality, this is a 100-percent match — not 200 as advertised.

Regardless, the crypto match still beats out the non-crypto bonus match, 100 percent to 62.6. But on the other hand, there’s more free play on the table with the non-crypto offer. So it’s tough to say which of the two deals is “better” — as this is subjective to each bettor. Bettors looking for the most “bang for your buck” should likely opt for the crypto deal since you don’t have to fork over as much money upfront for a big return.

Like the first bonus we covered, this one is also dependent on a promo code to unlock the deal. The crypto bonus code is JOIN200 and can be used in the cashier section when deposing crypto into your account.

Returning Bettors Can Also Cash In

Loyalty is rewarded big time at BetUS — literally. The site has a full-fledged loyalty program that classifies bettors into multiple tiers — regular, platinum, diamond, and black. With each of these tiers, any account re-ups (deposits) will be matched in free play by BetUS. The exact match percentage will vary on two factors. The first is what tier of the loyalty program you’re in. The second is how much money you deposit.

Breaking down the BetUS loyalty program is an article in itself, but just know, when maxed out, reload bonuses can reach as much as 50 percent — a pretty penny if you plan on using the site over the long haul. So don’t think the free play ends with BetUS’ sign-up bonus. Oh, no, this site will continue to shower you with money if you continue to bet, and that’s a huge advantage BetUS has over some competitors.

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