It’s never easy to predict how any team will perform over the course of a 17-game NFL season. Sure, we can look at each team’s squad, compare it to the teams that they will face in the coming season, and make an assessment based on that. The problem here, though, is that you also have to take into account potential injuries and surprise outcomes, which happen on a fairly regular basis in this league, such is the level of parity. There are some divisions that are tougher to predict than others, too, based on several different factors, and I put the AFC North in that category. Let’s look at that division and the win totals for all 4 teams so you can get all set to place a wager against the NFL Team Totals odds.

NFL 2022 Season Win Total Over/Under Picks for the AFC North Division

Baltimore Ravens – OVER 9 ½

In Lamar Jackson, the Baltimore Ravens have one of the most exciting QB’s in the league. When he is healthy, he is very tough to stop, although you do have to say that postseason success is proving problematic. Since we are only focusing on the regular season, we can set that aside for now. The Ravens looked good last season until Jackson went down with injury, and while they will have him back and fully healthy to start the season, can he stay that way? If he can, then the Ravens look like the obvious class of the division and should go OVER their win total.

Cincinnati Bengals – OVER 9 ½

We all expected the Bengals to take a step forward last season, but can any of you honestly say that you had them going to the Super Bowl prior to the start of the season in 2021? There is zero doubt that they have their franchise QB in Joe Burrow, who led them to 10 wins in the regular season, but there are still some holes that need to be filled before the Bengals become a consistent championship threat. The concern here is that teams who lose in the Super Bowl often have an underwhelming season the year after, but I think the Bengals look good for another 10-win season.

Cleveland Browns – UNDER 9 ½

The Browns went all out this offseason to bring in an established QB, landing DeShaun Watson from the Houston Texans. The immediate thought was that Baker Mayfield would be on the way out, but as it stands now, he is still in Cleveland. He will eventually move on, but you have to wonder if the Browns are waiting to see if the league is going to hand out a suspension to Watson based on his legal issues. If that is indeed the case, which many believe it will be, then it could be a tough start to the season for the Browns. I am leaning UNDER until this issue is resolved.

Pittsburgh Steelers – OVER 7 ½

Given that many view the Steelers are the gold standard organization in the league, it seems strange to be talking about them in a period of transition. That is where they are, though, as this will be their first year without Big Ben under center. Whether it will be Mitch Trubisky or Kenny Pickett who lands the starting job remains to be seen, making it tough to predict how things will play out. They have a ton of talent on defense and some key pieces on offense for their QBs to work with. I think they can do enough to sneak OVER the total.



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