Over the course of time, each of the divisions in the NFL go through rises and falls. There are some divisions that we know are going to be strong, while being aware that others will be on the weaker side of things. The current state of the NFC North suggests that it will fall into the weaker category, with one team, the Green Bay Packers, looking that much better than the other three. There is a reason why we play the games, though, as strength on paper does not always translate to the play on the field. We have an opportunity to make some money based on what we know about each team by wagering on the win totals for the coming season. With that in mind, let’s make some NFL Team Totals Betting predictions for the NFC North, keeping in mind that things might change as the lines move and potential injuries arise in preseason and beyond.

NFL 2022 Season Win Total Over/Under Picks for the NFC North Division

Chicago Bears – UNDER 6 ½

The Chicago Bears went 6-11 last season while struggling to really get anything going with a rookie QB under center. There is not a lot to suggest that this team is set to make a big improvement in 2022, as it certainly looks more like a team still very much in the rebuild stage. Chicago has to play 13 weeks before getting to the bye week, so there is plenty of time for the rot to set in if they get off to a slow start. While I don’t necessarily believe that the Bears will take a backward step this season, I think we are potentially looking at another 6-win season.

Detroit Lions – UNDER 6

It became very clear in 2021 that life without Matthew Stafford under center was not going to be immediately rosy. While Stafford went on to win the Super Bowl with the Rams, Jared Goff and the Lions stumbled to a 3-13-1 season. Yes, the team has gone out and invested in some offensive weapons to help Goff, but you still have to wonder if that is going to be enough to help this team double their win total from last year. I have a feeling it won’t.

Green Bay Packers – OVER 11

This, in my humble opinion, may be the bargain pick of this division. Since Matt LaFleur took over as head coach, the Packers have had 3 straight 13-win seasons, which is an amazing level of consistency. I’m sure that the reason for the win total posted by the bookies is all about the Packers losing WR Davante Adams in free agency, but it is worth noting that the Packers are 7-0 in games when Adams was out of the lineup for one reason or another. With Rodgers still under center and a weak division, I think 11 wins is very manageable.

Minnesota Vikings – OVER 9

While we talk about the division being weak, it should also be pointed out that the NFC as a whole looks to be a little weaker this season. That may prove to be good news for a Vikings team that has average 9 wins per season over the past 9 years. Add to that the fact that they have a solid base to build upon and a new coaching staff ready to give things an upgrade and you have the recipe for a decent season and a win total that goes OVER 9.



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