Any horseplayer seeking to make some coin in the horse racing game must practice and refine his/her handicapping skills. Those new to the game, novices, and journeyman handicappers should embrace the old adage, “practice makes perfect”. Before putting real money wagers down there is a way to practice your handicapping skills with free past performances provided by various outlets.

Daily Racing Form ( offers up the best handicapping past performance under their Formulator brand through their “Race of the Day”. The races they pick are usually are popular Stakes races or high value events that have some importance. The big races usually feature a video with outstanding DRF handicappers offering up their opinions and picks for the race.

Equibase ( also offers free race of the day past performances. These are usually challenge Maiden events or low level claiming races. They are exceptional race selections to really challenge your handicapping skills. Using them for practice and eschewing wagering on them is the way to go. Unless you have a good bead on the race and choose to wager. The payouts can be very nice.

Time Form ( is another excellent site that offers not one, but two nice races to put your handicapping skills to the test. Weekends are usually reserved for the most popular stakes races showing up on the calendar. The weekdays usually have races from some of the smaller tracks which pose some nice challenges for the up and coming handicapper. Easy to navigate and filled with all matter of handicapping metrics, this site is one that provides great handicapping practice.

Bris-Net ( from time to time offers free full card past performances for various tracks. You have to hunt them down however. High quality past performances offer up data that some of the other sites do not have on the face of the sheets. Mudder pedigree data would be one example.

Del Mar Thoroughbred Club ( offers up Bris-Net past performances for their seasonal on-line contests which are free. All you have to do is set up a free account at the site and navigate over to the handicapping / contests area of their website. Download the free past performances, handicap the race for that day, enter your selections, and see how you do. This is a wonderful way to practice handicapping.

Your Local Track. Sometimes your home race track might post some free past performances for the race day or a future race event. Just check out the website and see what they have to offer. At times both Fair Grounds Race Course and Arlington International have offered Bris-net past performances for the entire card or specific multi-race wager. You should become familiar with your local or favorite Tracks website anyway just as a way to increase your horse racing knowledge.

Horse Racing Nation ( is fast becoming the handicappers go to site for horse racing news and information pertaining to upcoming big-time events. They have sometimes offered free past performances (Bris-net) for the races they are following. Their handicapping tips and tools are some of the best in the industry. It is worth a look and should be reserved as a priority when handicapping the big races on your calendar.

Free is always best when you want to level up your handicapping skills as you embark on a bankroll building plan. Remember, your AWD (Advanced Wagering Deposit account) will provide free past performances, but you will need to wager an minimum amount as prescribed by the AWD. If you desire to practice without an outlay of cash, try the above sites that provide the free past performances. Get out of your slump. Test theories and angles. Put to use intriguing metrics. Practice makes for profits.

Source by Keith Mazikowski