Manchester City scored 3 goals in their final EPL game to win the English Premier League title. Although the Sky Blues victory happened less than a week ago, there’s no time to sit around and contemplate their victory. The new EPL Season starts on August 6. Check out the teams that have relegated to the EFL Championship and teams that will have promoted from the EFL to Premier this upcoming season so you can plan your bets against the Premier League odds

Promoted Teams Odds to Win the 2022-23 English Premier League Title | Relegated Teams to the EFL

2022-2023 English Premier League Season

  • When: Aug. 6, 2022 – May 28, 2023

2022-23 Premier League Odds to Win: Promoted Teams

  • Fulham +100000
  • AFC Bournemouth +150000
  • Huddersfield Town / Nottingham Forest  TBD

Relegated to the English Football League Championship

The three teams at the bottom of the Premier League Standings at the end of the season automatically play in the EFL the following season, which is why Burnley must step back onto pitches in the FL in 2022 and 2023.

Burnley missed securing a Premier spot by 3 points. Leeds finished with 38. Burnley finished with 35. The good news for Burnley backers is that are one of the favorites to win the EFL this season. 

Second to last place Watford finished with 23 points, a point ahead of Norwich City. Watford’s goal differential in the Premier was terrible. Watford was -43 in goal differential. They will have a chance to win the EFL, but their chance aren’t nearly as good as Burnley’s. 

Norwich’s goal differential was an astronomical -61. From Matchweek 1, it was apparent that Norwich City didn’t belong in the Premier League. The team isn’t good enough to hang with any Premier power. Even mediocre teams like Leeds and Everton beat Norwich this past season. 

Promoted to the Premier League

Fulham amassed 90 points in the EFL. Fulham’s 90 points were 2 more than Bournemouth’s 88 points.

In 2020-2021, Fulham played in the EPL. They struggled, but there were moments where Fulham showed they can hang. Fulham has no chance of winning the Premier. But for sure they will provide an upset or two.

The question is which matches will Fulham win at big moneyline odds? Once the EPL releases their upcoming schedule, circle home matches versus Tottenham, Chelsea, Man City, Arsenal, and Liverpool.

Then the week of, decide if you wish to place money on the Fulham ML or the Fulham handicap. In a lot of matches, Fulham will be a +1 ½ over +100 or even over +200 home underdog on the handicap. 

The strategy with betting on Bournemouth is the same with betting on Fulham. Circle home matches versus the Sky Blues, Blues, Reds, Hotspur, and Gunners and then decide to go with Bournemouth on the handicap or the moneyline. 

  • Huddersfield Town / Nottingham Forest  TBD

Huddersfield Town finished with 82 points. Nottingham Forest finished with 80 points. The two battle it out on March 29 in the English Football League Championship. 

The team that wins will end up the longest shot on the board to win the upcoming Premier season. 

Unlike Bournemouth and Fulham, it may not make sense to try and beat the EPL’s best with Huddersfield or Nottingham. Neither is good enough to hang with the top teams in the Premier.



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