Losing weight is achievable via a few different procedures. The three major ways to lose weight are to get more exercise, eat healthier or eat less food in general. In this article we will discuss how you can get more exercise but do it while doing something fun; Racquetball!

There is a small percentage of the population who actually enjoy going to the gym, lifting weights and running until they are soaked in sweat; but for the rest of us we need to be creative if we want to get exercise. Health experts these days are recommending getting roughly 3.5 hours of exercise in a week (30 minutes a day). If you have a busy schedule this can be difficult, but things are a lot less difficult if you are having fun! Why not pickup a high impact sport like racquetball?

Most racquetball courts can be rented out for less than $10 an hour, which when split between two people is only $5. Racquetball is not a walk in the park either, you will find yourself running and diving trying to keep the ball in play so you can beat your competition. The fact that racquetball is so intense will not only burn a ton of calories it will also leave your metabolism on overdrive for days afterwards. If you can consistently squeeze in three sessions a week, either before or after work, you will find your waste line shrinking faster than you can buy smaller pants. Unless of course you live on fast foods, but that is an entirely new article.

If you don’t have the equipment lying around, you can pick everything you need up for less than $50 at your local Walmart in the sports department. If you don’t have $50 to spend on equipment, most places that rent out racquetball courts typically rent out the equipment for $1-$3 per session making racquetball a super easy sport to start up playing.

The other challenge a lot of people have when starting to play racquetball is finding an opponent willing to play on the same schedule. If you don’t have a local friend that is interested in taking the sport up with you, check out your local YMCA. Often times they have postings of individuals looking for somebody to play against. On top of learning a new sport and losing some weight, you may even make a new friend!

Good luck on your weight loss and enjoy playing the exciting sport of racquetball!

Source by Ryan C McKenzie