It has been a long ride, and this season has taken us on a rollercoaster journey with some of the best actions we’ve seen in many years. With 33 games gone, we have more than enough highlights to look at this season. Going into the final round, there are a few exciting things to look at, including the relegation battle alongside the fight for Europe. 

The final round for Bayern, Dortmund, and Leverkusen is just formalities as they’ve already sealed their fate for the season. Bayern Munich remains the Bundesliga champions and has become the first team to win league titles for 10 straight consecutive years. Only a few teams are going into the last round of games to battle for a spot to stay up or play in Europe. It’s time we take a closer look at the top games for matchday 34 games so you can bet against their Bundesliga Odds.

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The Battle to Stay Up

The fight is real and the battle to remain in the Bundesliga will go to the final match. Armenia Bielefeld and SpVgg Furth are already relegated and would play next season in the Bundesliga 2, leaving Stuggart and Hertha fighting for the final safety spot. 

Although there is a chance for both teams to qualify, it is seen as an incredible hurdle as they have to play in a 2-leg playoff match. To avoid that hurdle, they need a win. However, it is an uphill task for each one because they face two top teams. Hertha will play Dortmund, while Stuggart will play FC Koln.

Dortmund doesn’t have anything to fight for, except play for pride. Therefore, Hertha can certainly carve out a draw, which will be enough to stay in the safety zone no matter what happens in the Stuggart match. The final battle is an uphill task for Stuggart as even a win doesn’t guarantee that they’ll be safe. 

We might see goal differences come into play. If Stuggart win and Hertha losses, Stuttgart will stay and Hertha will have to play in the playoff because the former has a better goal difference. 

A Fight for Europe

Another battle in the last round is the one for Europe. Koln wants to take its shot at the European spots as they are two points from the Conference League and three points from the Europa League qualification spot. The final match is certainly going to be epic as Koln is facing Stuggart who are also out for a win.

Undoubtedly, the Koln vs. Stuttgart would be an epic battle where both teams would want to fight till the final minute. Anything but a win for either team would be they remain in their current position, which is something they don’t want to do as it might affect their next season’s plans. 

The Last Champions League Spot

The fight for Europe is also extended as some teams battle it out to play in the Champions League next season. It is not going to be an easy task but these teams would love to play on the biggest stage of the sport. RB Leipzig needs a draw to secure their top-four spot in the Bundesliga standings

Therefore, Freiburg will be hoping that Leipzig fails to win as much as they win in the last match as that is the only way they can get into the Champions League. However, even a win for Union Berlin doesn’t guarantee a spot in the Champions League qualification zone because of their poor goal difference.

Leipzig faces already relegated Arminia Biefield. Therefore, they can breeze through in the last match as they’re the better side. So, we don’t see how Leipzig won’t play Champions League football next season. In that case, Freiburg will have to settle for Europa League next season.  

The Rest of the League

For the rest of the league from the team in the 8th position to the 14th placed team, there’s no battle in the final round of games. They are only playing for pride and a chance to simply add three points to their tally after a long, hard season. They would be hoping to have a better 2022/2023 season.

Some of them are already working on their transfers and team shape for the next season. Therefore, the game on the 14th is simply a formality just get over the line and start all over when the new season comes around. 

Our Thoughts

The last round of the German Bundesliga games will surely have a few cutting-edge games that would be worthy of closing out the season. Therefore, we look forward to the last round and what it has for us. It will be nerve-racking for fans of the teams involved, but neutrals will certainly have a field day on Saturday. 



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