The first legs of this season’s Champions League is in the books. The two English Premier powers, Liverpool and Manchester City, won their respective legs. Will Pool and the Sky Blues close the door on their rivals and make it to the finals? Or will Villareal and Real Madrid mount massive comebacks in the second legs? Check out updated Champions League odds along with individual team odds assessments.  

UEFA Champions League Updated Odds to Win the 2022 Title

2022 UEFA Champions League Title Match

  • When: Saturday, May 28, 2022
  • Where: Stade de France, Saint Denis, France

Champions League Updated Odds

  • Liverpool FC -110
  • Manchester City +120
  • Real Madrid +1000
  • Villareal +4900

At -110, is Liverpool and underlay or overlay to win the Champions League?

Versus Villareal, it took Liverpool more than a half but once the Reds got it going their quality shown through big time. The Reds are simply better than the La Liga team.

Unless Liverpool doesn’t show up for the second leg, the Reds should easily march into the Champions League Finals. Once there, Liverpool is likely to face a familiar opponent.

Man City beat Real 4-3 in the first leg of their semifinal match. So if it comes down to Liverpool versus Manchester City, Pool will have as much of a shot of winning the CL as the Sky Blues.

In the last couple of head-to-head matches, Liverpool has a victory over the Citizens and a draw. So if you like Liverpool to win the Champions League, then grab the -110 while you can. 

Assess Manchester City’s +120 odds. Fair or unfair?

The odds are above even money, which is fair for sure. The Sky Blues played a strange game in the 4-3 victory over Real Madrid. 

Manchester City is good enough to prevent the Real upset. Then, if the Citizens make the final, they’re likely to face Liverpool. So if you liked Manchester City before the semifinal victory over Real, and you still like them, the odds are fair.

If the performance versus Real has talked you off Manchester City, then don’t bet on MC no matter the odds. Instead, consider backing Liverpool at -110.

Is Real Madrid an overlay at +1000

Karim Benzema said Real will provide an incredible performance in leg two. If the best squad in LaLiga’s Primera Division does and upsets Manchester City, the odds will drop big time.

So if you’re a Real believer, go for it. +1000 are more than fair and at times at Etihad in the first leg, it sure looked as if El Blanco was the much better squad.  

Does Villareal have any shot of upsetting Liverpool in the second-leg?

They do not. Unless you believe in miracles, Villareal shouldn’t win the Champions League. So the odds are neither fair nor unfair. 

Only bet on Villareal if you’re either a Villareal fan or a fan of LaLiga. Pool should rock the Primera Division squad in the second leg. Villareal can’t play much better than they did in the first leg while Liverpool is on a mission.

Bottom Line: The Champions League winner will be . . . 

If Real Madrid faces Liverpool in the Champions League Final, then El Blanco will have a shot to upset Pool. But Liverpool, like what’s written above, is on a mission.

The Reds want to prove they’re the best club team in the world. Doing so means beating Chelsea in the FA Cup Final, making life difficult for Man City to win the Premier, and beating the Citizens or Real in the Champions League Final.

So the winner of this season’s Champions League will be Liverpool. If you agree with the assessment, jump on the -110 odds because they’re more than fair. 



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